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SHAPENBURN PLUS Weight Maintenance Package - Vanilla

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Wholesale Price: $204.97

  • Retail Price: $370.83

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We are currently shipping SHAPENBURN PLUS from the US to Canada under personal consumption guidelines which limit quantities to 1 – 2 months of personal use.

SHAPENBURN PLUS Weight Maintenance Package - You Save $74.88 off Wholesale Price.

The perfect, discounted weight management package.

  • 1 - SHAPENBURN PLUS 60 Count, 30 x 2 packs, 30-day supply. Perfect for handing out as samples!
  • 1 - ExtremeShake - 2 Pack (Vanilla), 2 Shakes per day, 30-day supply.
  • 1 - 10xPURE Ultimate Multi-Vitamin - 1 bottle, 30-day supply.
  • 1 - Super7 - 1 bottle, 2 chewable tablets per day, 30-day supply.

To help you on your journey to your ideal weight, this package will provide lasting results along with a healthy lifestyle.


SHAPENBURN PLUS is a unique, fast acting, effective formula with ingredients that work synergistically together to increase energy, reduce appetite, decrease carbohydrate cravings and jump start your metabolism.

In less than an hour, SHAPENBURN PLUS begins to work quickly to increase your energy and metabolic rate while allowing your natural metabolism to stay in control. These powerful ingredients work through these mechanisms that are crucial to you losing weight quickly, safely, and effectively.


ExtremeShake is a creamy and delicious, natural flavored, advanced low-carb, keto-friendly, probiotic protein shake with the added benefits of patented Sensoril® Ashwagandha. Sensoril® is a patented Ashwagandha supported by over 8 clinical studies and is 8x the strength of standard Ashwagandha. Feelings of reduced stress, more restful sleep along with energy and mental acuity are common. Each shake contains a therapeutic serving of Sensoril®.

10xPURE Ultimate Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

CTFO’s breakthrough, doctor formulated “10xPURE patented delivery technology,” plus 23 exceptional life-enhancing nutrients help you live a more active and healthier life. Each exceptional ingredient is in a compatible form that your body can easily recognize.


Super7 is a delicious blend of the world's 7 major Super Fruits; Amalaki, Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Cranberry. While providing vitamins, antioxidants, energy, enzymes and much more, CTFO has combined all 7 Super Fruits into a perfectly blended, synergistic, immune support chewable. This powerful little chewable not only tastes great, itis also naturally flavored.

Real People. Real Stories.

I lost almost 11 lbs. in 15 days which is so good. I never felt any tachycardia as similar products available.
- Sylkia R

I lost 9 pounds in 14 days! I have more energy and feel GREAT every day!
- Lynette F.

I definitely benefited from the SHAPENBURN PLUS™. I lost 6 lbs. of stored fat in the midriff. (Ha.) Also, I got Extremely addicted to the CTFO ExtremeShake meal replacement.
- Lori G.

"I wasn't really expecting to lose inches, just fat (more importantly), and I did. My Body Fat dropped, and my Fat Mass reduced 2 lbs. Finally, I experienced a subtle energy lift / mental clarity throughout the day. As a side benefit, my tinnitus (ringing in ears) was resolved! BRAVO!"
- Phillip Z. III, DO, FAOASM, ATC
Functional & Regenerative Medicine

I have felt amazing on it! Tons of focus and energy, and I just seem to be accomplishing 10x what I normally do in a day!!! Even my sleep has improved immensely.

I'm only 10 days in and I have LOST 5 lbs.!
- Charity M.

I just wanted to email you before I forget. I’m a YES 🙌 on so many levels! Weight loss, drinking more water, not wanting to eat kids’ food. LOL.
- Lindsay F.

The ability to burn fat, provide mental clarity and superb energy, as well as reduce appetites is highly effective. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful product.
- Cathy K

I believe this product is going to help so many people and I am looking forward to being a part of something Amazing!! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am Grateful. ☺️
- Cynthia V.

I Absolutely ❤️ the SHAPENBURN PLUS™. It gave me LOTS of Energy and Mental Clarity. Also, it’s definitely an appetite suppressant. Sometimes I forget to eat.
- Angela T.

I lost 5 lbs. without trying. The shape and burn did curb my appetite. It kept me from snacking, all on just one pill a day. I felt the mental clarity. It was wonderful. I am all out, how can I get more?
- Sherry A.

I am very HAPPY with my results from SHAPENBURN PLUS™. I started on September 2nd weighing 182.2 lbs. This Morning, 9/9/21, I weigh 178.8 lbs. 🙂🌿👍
- Jayne L.

I not only lost weight, but the mental alertness and clarity is amazing!
- Evelyn M.

Love the SHAPENBURN PLUS™! I lost weight (about 4 pounds), in a short time. It’s amazing what even four pounds around your middle feels like. It set the pace for me, with a healthy mindset to stay the course.
- Mary F.

The energy I felt while taking SHAPENBURN PLUS™ was AMAZING!!! It really helped me get through my day with such mental clarity. I felt focused. The weight loss was an added benefit!
- Nicole R.

I have lost 6 pounds in 7 days with SHAPENBURN PLUS™. I love how I have more energy, better mental focus, and no more late-night snack cravings.
- Michael S.

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